Will somone Turn Off CNN?

Really, early in the morning, CNN, or Fox really isn’t needed.

Am in the 2nd week now of this latest temp  gig.  As usual, I cannot speak to the subject matter other than to say its in a field I have not delved into before and thus next to my workstation (a fancy name for a desktop set on top of a table) is a pad growing fuller with new terms.  The firm itself seems to be ok, very hands-off thus far and not even a hint of the meanness shown by that horrid firm I and others worked for in NYC.

As to the 2 positions I had phone interviews for, they are in the rearview mirror.  Given the time that has passed and no further contact, its safe to assume they have moved forward with other candidates.  Disappointing, but then the past few years have been professionally disappointing.

Of al the things to come my way was  a legal search firm looking for translators, who I discovered when I followed up is working for the plaintiff’s side of my former employer’s legal problems.  As interesting as this seems, think it wise to stay away from that one.

Have stopped for the most part, anything sugary and no alcohol, which sucks.  Interesting though, in reading literature of the subject- diabetes is that I need to lay off the starch too as starch of course is metabolized into sugar.  Anyway, be careful what I eat and get a bit more exercise in the next few weeks and hope the blood sugar levels drop enough that my physician doesn’t put me on insulin.

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