Bob Dylan in This Day and Age?

His tune, Like a Rolling Stone just finished up here at the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods, where I sit with coffee and laptop, killing a bit of time before its time to report for the second day of this temp job.

First day was ok: this law form doesn’t seem to have the chip on its shoulder towards temps that I know one law firm in NYC has.  I can’t of course say much about the work we are tasked to do.  Walking back to the nearest Metro station though, I learned  from the person I was walking with, an attorney, there is some rhyme and reason for some law forms insisting attorneys be used for these e-discovery projects.  That while the work done is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination: all one needs is something besides earwax between the ears,  opposing counsel can claim that if non-attorneys are used, the e-discovery work was not conducted properly and demand the work be done over with attorneys: an expensive proposition. Sooooo.  Seems pretty self-serving to me but……

As mentioned earlier, son in 2 days, turns 21.  I wish I could make a big deal of it, but for son, it just seems its another birthday and that’s all.  Have made plans to ave a nice steak dinner made for him.

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