No Booze for You

Or many other things for quite a while.  Finally went for a physical and was told my blood sugar is  out in outer space and I need to be on medication to get it down or else I start shooting insulin, which is odd since I do not have type one diabetes.  Wonder too if the blood  test was skewed as I had had lunch and a soft drink 30 minutes prior.

Not surprised as way back while I was at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1,   the blood sugar was high, but with Monday to Friday weith lifting and running, I got it way down.  Since then, life has been more of less sedentary, with occasional breaks when I get exercise by waking to and from temp assignments.

Speaking of Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1,  its DC office has put a classified out for  position I know very, very, very well. Ironic to say the least.

I am on another, perhaps one-month temp job.  I did 3 weeks ago have 2 phone interviews, but given the time that has passed since then,  and no further contact I believe I can safely say both companies have moved on to other candidates, which disappoints, but more than that, has me thinking I should just let this go and focus on temp work.

Not sure what I am getting into with this job and law firm:  other that it is an issue where Japanese language skill is needed.  The firm is also not on the radar as a hellhole to avoid, but then its not that I have a wealth of information on what firms are good firms to work as a temp for and which firms need to be keep at a distance.

Temp of course has its advantages as one is above nearly all of the office BS, but there are no benefits and there can be, like in my case, prolonged periods of unemployment.  I would like to dispose of the house as  the need for keeping up with the mortgage does in a way, limit what I can do.  Where we in a cheaper home, one that with the sale of our house we could either pay for outright or have a very small mortgage, my employment options/needs would broaden considerably.

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3 Responses to No Booze for You

  1. Is it possible to sell a house where you live? That’s what we did, sold our house in CT to move to a much cheaper place. But it can backfire in ways you never thought of. It sounds like a good move for you though, in that work options would increase, and take some stress out of your life.

  2. You *would* be moving to something were you to unload the house: into a situation of reduced mortgage and expanded work options. Expand how you view the positive returns of a move, do not restrict your thinking, you might find liberating and creative ways to move ahead. (pun intended)

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