A Truce

After all the back and forth between younger brothers and the now large pile of legal motions,  the youngest, and also the estate executor, called the other to open  a line of communication, to apologize and to get things moving again and fences were mending and youngest is now doing what the other wanted him to do: namely get the house assessed and then come up with an offer to buy out my and other brother’s interest in the estate, a move I counseled him to do last summer as it would allow him to do whatever he wants to do at his own pace and if he should eventually sell the house for more than it is now valued, well good for  him.

I am supposed to start on Monday,  another J-E e-discovery project, one only lasting 4 weeks, but hell, 4 weeks paid is better than 4 weeks of no income.  In the meantime I have interviewed for two jobs and will phone interview for another tomorrow.

The first was for a very small, niche and perhaps discrete consulting firm here which works closely with members of the Japanese Diet and would entail spending up to three months at a time in Tokyo.  That’s not a problem now. It would have been while son unit was in high school. 

Went downtown for a face to face interview and learned they are looking for someone to handle the E-J part of the business and gave me an English letter to translate.  I told them up front, that is not my strong suit, but the hiring end wanted to see what I could do.  So I did what I think was my best effort, without the help of wife unit as should I get the job, she would not be hovering over my shoulder forever.

The next position, one more closer to my background and which I am more excited over, did a telephone interview yesterday, which I believe went well.  The target compensation is fairly good too. While automotive-related, its in an area I’ve not touched on much and thuds an opportunity to learn.  I hope I get a call for a second interview next week.

The next is also a phone interview, also somewhat automotive related, but more towards chemistry.  That I’ll have tomorrow.  All this has me wondering after a drought of so long, it sure is funny to have this in succession.

Son stayed at school for his 10-Day semester break: probably sleeping for most of it. The break was also a break from his roomie, who while not the roommate from hell, seems annoying.  Noise is one issue and to that end sent son a packet of earplugs (and some beef jerky). When I told son the packet was on the way, I was admonished not to waste money.  Outta the mouths of babes.

Hmmmm, think I need to get this cup of coffee refreshed.



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2 Responses to A Truce

  1. Seems to be that the light is shining on most (if not all) fronts. Wish you best of luck on the job side!

  2. Thanks. I do hope so too.

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