The Evil One

Is a nickname for me.

Not because I am evil per se.  It started waay back in the day at Large International Automobile manufacturer #1 and there were 2 of us in the same department with the same first name, and for others, it was a pain when starting a conversation with one person as the other would also think they were part of it.

At the time I also had a full beard and moustache and looked a bit piratey so one bright soul came up with the idea to call me ‘The Evil One’ and the other, by his name.

This same person used this new name for me in the hopes of getting my goat,but instead I embraced it, robbing him of any satisfaction of getting under my skin.

I’ve still carried this with me and made fun of it: for example my extension when at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #2 was ‘222’, and joked I wasn’t all ‘evil’ just a 3rd ‘evil’

This morning I had a chance to be ‘evil’. Even though today is a day off, wife unit  woke up early,  frantic she had overslept and needed to be at work in 35 minutes.  For a millisecond I thought I’d say nothing and let her go on and rush to get dressed, but I also know the difference between a prank and a death wish: I reminded her its her day off.

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2 Responses to The Evil One

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I am glad you resisted the urge to be a bit evil!!! I am pretty sure she is feeling much kinder to you at this moment!

  2. Maybe…A asked her what she would have done had I not reminded her and she said by the time she got downstarirs she probbaly would have realized…..

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