You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Did you know that should you want to order a special order cake that you may not be able to have it decorated as you would like to?  Why?  Copyright infringement, that is why.  A customer came to have a cake decorated with the theme of some recent and rather dark Japanese manga, but it turned into a Hello Kitty themed cake as wife’s place of employment does not have the right to use images or fonts particular to this manga.  Sure there are Disney characters etc., that can be used, but you can bet a royalty is paid too whenever its used.

And my late mother’s estate. On Thursday, I met executor/youngest brother halfway between DC and pick up some items he had no use for and wants out of the house in his  belated effort to clear the house out so it can be put up for sale.  Keeping middle younger brother’s sensitivities in mind, After I got home and quickly went through the stuff, I call to tell him that for one thing, there was nothing of particular $$$  value in what I now have.  In the stuff were boxes of old slides and 9mm home movies and photographs mostly of middle brother’s 2 sons our later mother kept.

Tell him I will send to him the photos of his sons and some slides related to him and others I really have no use for and would otherwise just sit in my house taking up space and gathering dust and will give them to him.  I then mention among the slides I looked at, are perhaps ten or so from summer vacations of long ago, when our family and the family of one of our late mother’s brothers would take.  These too I really have no use for and mentioned I am inclined to give them to our cousins who are in these slides, now grown adults as I believe they’d like to have them.

From the 200 over 140 bp reaction I got from younger brother in response, I might have well told him I was going to go out to drink a few bottles of beer and then urinate on our parent’s graves.  I was told I don’t ‘ You don’t fucking give stuff away ‘ and then hung up on, followed by an e-mail that disposal of estate property is by mutual  agreement and he doesn’t agree to that. 

His mantra in all of this is to ‘maximize the value of the estate’. I see it as him wanting it both ways.  He has in the number of court actions he has had filed in probate court, succeeded in jolting youngest brother/estate executor in moving to get the house ready for sale.  But at the same time he wants to go item by item to ‘maximize’ the overall value of the estate.  With the motions he has had filed,  that boat has passed I told him.  I also believe it is up to me to determine for the items I now have from my youngest brother,  if I want them or give them to member of the family who n my judgment would better appreciate them.

In the meantime, youngest brother wants the sole surviving blood aunt on our mother’s side to intercede and get him and younger brother talking to keep the  2 lawyers each has hired, from winding up with most of the estate.  This ought to set younger brother off again as he, perhaps rightly, does not want her at 91 years old, to be bothered by such.

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