Cloudy Day

Have had a hard time sitting down to write- partly  as it was turning in a chore than a creative exercise or release.  Partly too I find like a cousin of mine, its very uncomfortable being alone in the house: not out of fear, but just uncomfortable.  So here I am at a local Caribou  coffee house on the laptop and amidst many people.

Still unemployed.  I have seen from a number of different agencies, classified for what I strongly believe is the same project, and all say either directly or indirectly, those who are not barred or graduates of an accredited law school need not apply.  It also tells me the end client, whoever it is, is not finding enough people to staff the project.

I did  return to the last law firm twice to tidy up loose ends-and paid for it and have on tap an interview for an AA position at some lobbying firm in DC.  The rub is they want someone for E to J translation: which is not my strong suit.  I can write Japanese, but I have always said what I write needs to be proof read by a native speaker.  But its at least an interview and that is something I can show to the DC dept. of employment services, that I am being proactive- now that I have my claim sorted out.  You see, when I filed my claim over a month ago and then looked to see the forms I had received, I saw my claim had been denied, as someone there had FUBARed my SSN and dates of employment, so of course the claim would be denied.  This was I hope taken care of this morning.

I am also in the middle of a fight between my younger brother over out late mother’s estate.  Its only the house, or rather the value and sale of it, but the youngest, who was appointed as executor, and who still lives there  (he really never left home)  has until recent, done absolutely nothing since our  other passed nearly 2 years ago, prompting younger brother to file motions for him to put the property immediately up for sale, to have youngest brother pay rent (he’s been living in the house cost-free) and has now file to have youngest brother removed as executor.

While younger brother sounds sound a bit greedy, he has a point,  its high time youngest brother as our late father would so delicately put it, ‘shit or get off the pot’. Needless to say my 2 brother do not speak to one another now.

Son unit made the Dean’s List last semester and is nearing mid-term for his spring semester.  Still no interest (sigh) in even a semester in Japan, and he’s staying at school for his spring break.  He has an Easter break as well and am trying to entice him to take a trip to NYC as it will also be when he turns 21.  Have a bottle of ’74 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild I can crack open

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5 Responses to Cloudy Day

  1. Glad to hear about your son’s success, hopefully you’ll get to share that bottle with him.

    As for your family woes, having seen a similar situation when my grandfather in my mum’s side passed away, I wish this gets resolved without tearing the whole family apart.

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