Living With a Hiatus

Its not easy, at least for me.  idleness/boredom does not suit me well or does being alone in the house.  Being alone is not frightening, ts irritating.

I do attempt to keep myself busy inside the house, but after a while there  are just so many times the windows can be cleaned, the bathrooms policed rug vacuumed,  furniture dusted until it all becomes obsessive.

There have been a few things that have provided brief breaks from the tedium: the joy of applying for a replacement SS card. That was necessary as the DC Office of Employment Services FUBARed my unemployment claim so badly that now I need a SS card to show who I am. But I was told I needed to do this anyway as I’ll need the card to claim benefits for myself (assuming the system is still solvent when I do) eventually.

There was the badly leaking kitchen faucet needed replacement: a simple job that took 3 days and only when I used the first, simplest solution I thought of to remove the plastic mounting nuts- heat.

E-mail from those I know breaks the intellectual torpor, but that has been few and far between as of recent.

There’s now the open fight between Pound Salt and youngest brother over our mother’s estate.  The estate isn’t very much  but at the same time, youngest brother, who has never left that house, has done nearly nothing in the now almost 2 years since our mother’s passing to settle the estate and get on with his life.  All Pound Salt wants is the house to be put on the market, and I too feel  we’ve waited/been patient long enough.  The latest is an amended plea submitted by Pound Salt  to the court, to have youngest brother pay rent to the estate, not retroactively, but going forward.  That should prompt another flurry of telephone calls I’ll have to listen to.

Sure I cold go out f the house and do things, but I don’t see much to do here, driving is not fun around here and I’m spending the money I have banked without anything coming in right now and see outside excursions as  waste.

And yes I have been looking for work/waiting in vain for the phone to ring.  One temp job I have applied to may be stalled or understaffed as I continue to see classified  for what I believe is the same project, asking for Japanese-speaking attorneys.

As said in other posts on this subject, a.) for the type of work done, an attorney is a waste of time and $$$. b.) there can’t be that many Japanese speaking attorney out there willing to work for less than $100 an hour.

The weather in general isn’t much to lift the mood either.  Thus far this winter is turning into the winter that never was, but the days are still short and the weather like this morning, overcast with rain does little to lift the mood.

Hiatuses are a bitch.

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6 Responses to Living With a Hiatus

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    This is a bit how I felt when I arrived here and didn’t have a green card. At least living in the District I was able to walk to the Smithsonians – and the best thing about them is that they free.
    This afternoon the wind has been horrid!

  2. Hope this is a short one

  3. mizunogirl says:

    hope something comes up soon! we are having our first cold snap of the year. and it is chilly!!!!

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