Going Downtown

Had the interview  for what I hope is the next gig I will be on. It was more of filling out paperwork and taking a proficiency test than an interview, but whatever, it is better than staying in the house.

Had time on my hands and went to the still theer Occupy whatever, DC site.  The US Park Police  ( who have jurisdiction)have been making noises about now enforcing their laws governing the use of parks.  My money says they are waiting for a long cold sap to drive these  people out.

Two things came away from the visit the site. One was a clever, hand made, sign I saw which I believe read:

” Lost my job, but have discovered an occupation. Occupy everything”

Then somewhere in the muddle of the Rei, Northern Face and Coleman tents, was a deep, basso loud male voice, chanting “We don’t need no money”.  Money he or they may not need , but he needs a remedial course in the English language.

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5 Responses to Going Downtown

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I admit to being a more liberal person than many, but I found the whole occupy Movement to be a little strange. I thought the point of Occupy was that people did need Money….If they don’t need “none” then why get irritated at the people who have it.

    And yes, I know exactly what you mean about the expensive gear. It sort of defeats the purpose.

  2. chanting “We don’t need no money”.  Money he or they may not need , but he needs a remedial course in the English language. — lol!

    • The other thought I had was yes, the ‘occupiers’ probably don’t need any money at all. They are well-organized (I don’t think its an accident their encampment is a baseball’s throw from the DC chapter of the ACLU) and well financed and those who look upon this as a grass roots expression of popular sentiment are as easily fooled as those in Russia who believed Lenin and his Bolsheviks were likewise. Further those here who have lent financial support to this ‘occupy’ movement, and whose personal wealth far outstrips their ability to spend it, are like those again in Russia, who lent their financial support to Lenin and the Bolsheviks; and were among the first shot when he seized power.

      • it’s kind of weird though that the “movement” has fizzled so fast. The agenda, if there is one is less definite than what happened when the Tea Party stumbled unto the political scene…

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