Conceal & Carry

Or is it Carry & Conceal?

In either case, it is the right granted by states for a person to carry conceal on his or her person, a firearm in public.  I’ve not researched this very much, but before such permission is granted, the potential conceal and carrier has to undergo and pass approved training programs, and undergo a background check.

Bro Pound Salt was recently granted the right to conceal & carry and has been proud and boastful about it.  This weekend  for example, he crowed about carrying the firearm he has back up to where he used to live to collect rent and also stopping by the home of our sole surviving 92-year old blood aunt.

I asked bro Pound Salt if he told our aunt he had brought a firearm into her house, and from his non-answer, I strongly suspect he did not.  I think that very wrong and told bro. Pound Salt I would mention when I next speak to our aunt, that he may have a firearm on him when he next visits her, which brought about foggy threats of something if I in his words, “squealed” .

think our aunt’s safety rates a bit higher than being labeled a squealer.

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6 Responses to Conceal & Carry

  1. Stupid stupid stupid. My partner and I both have CCWs and carry just about at all times. In the house, our weapons are never far away. I sleep with my weapon, my cellphone, and a flashlight on my night-table. It’s a dangerous world. I don’t what course Pound Salt took, but here they stress over and over the seriousness of carrying. You never, ever wave your gun around, brag about it, make threats, whatever. If god forbid you ever have to shoot someone in self-defense, the victim’s family will go after you and their lawyers will make it sound like the victim was a saint, no matter how horrible his crime. They’ll make it sound like the criminal is the victim, not the person who shot in self-defense. If you have a reputation for acting like an a**hole with your weapon, you will not fare well in court. People go to jail for it because they didn’t have respect for the laws. You have to be in serious life-threatening (“imminent danger” they call it) before you can fire your weapon. Our gun rights are always being threatened, so please tell him to man up and shut up. Gawd.

    • I think part of my concern over this is if one goes looking for trouble, one will generally find it, or it finds you. And in a super adrenaline-charged moment of to shoot or not to shoot, could most people size up the situation and cooly react? I doubt that.

      I have no [robems with gun owbnership, just with how some gun owners behave.

      • I agree, that’s why it’s best to not speak of it. It’s personal, it’s about your life vs. an attacker’s, and if you’re carrying it’s nobody’s business but your own. Yes even cops and border patrol say when it comes down to it, your body reacts with great stress. Not only that but the attacker becomes charged with adrenaline too and can keep attacking after being wounded, esp. if on drugs. The entire scenario is one all sane people hope to avoid, but I have a mission while I’m here and nobody is going to destroy that. It becomes especially critical when you live in a dangerous place. I didn’t ask for this lifestyle, it was forced on me. There’s not a family in my neighborhood who doesn’t have a weapon stashed behind their front door. Most CCW holders don’t go looking for trouble, and people who do just make it harder for the rest of us.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Agree with above poster. I am not a gun carrier, never will be I could not use it and it is 100% likely it would be used against me, which is far more common than people like to think.

    I mean what was the point of carrying a gun at your AUnties house? That is just stupid. If he wants to carry a gun around, for sure why not, but really?

    • @mizunogirl – “and it is 100% likely it would be used against me” — primarily amongst those who don’t know how to handle their weapons properly and/or treat them with the respect required; this includes proper storage in homes with children. Used properly, guns save more lives in homes (and elsewhere) than you know.

  3. Brother sounds like a jerk in this matter.

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