S = P for Panic

The dreaded S (snow) word was on many people’s minds yesterday; and as a result, the Wegman’s were wife unit works was packed from early morning yesterday with those seeking to provision up for “snowmaggeden”.

So what do we have outside this morning?  An inch, if that, of snow on the ground and barely covered roadways.  Granted what made be on the roads could be hard ice, still just goes to show what little can be said to throw many here in the DC metro area into unmitigated irrationality.

My work is done, done since Wednesday afternoon, and nothing at the moment on the horizon to keep me away from the depressing parade of intellectual pus networks call programming.

I believe I have reason to be very annoyed with the agency which had me employed up to this week.  As the project was winding down, those of us on the project were told another, somewhat shorter project was in the works and would we like to be considered.  Said I wold and submitted resume, and then heard nothing afterwards.

Enter another recruiter with a project she’s like to put me on.  I go to be interviewed, submit resume and then told later I am disqualified as my resume appears to have been submitted for the same project, possible by my now former agent.

Think a bit of communication would help not wasted my or other’s time and not made me look unprofessional.

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6 Responses to S = P for Panic

  1. Allycat says:

    Hear this! Wherever reigns PC reigns irrationality and blind stupidity. What went down in your snowmageddon is identical to Seattle region. Only one potential difference: Soes your area close schools on the threat of snow? Seattle does. Friggi’ PC weather wimps!

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Whenever snow arrives, especially in places south of say massachusetts, I think people really enjoy the rush of obtaining bread and milk, 2 products that they may never normally eat, but feel they must have.

    Sorry about the job situation, that is annoying.

  3. Ok, there needs to a moratorium on what constitutes a snomageddon or not. Cordova, Alaska’s over 4 weeks of continuous snow? Yes, Last week’s forecast? Not so much.

    Reminds a few years back where the threat of a storm brought mention of sending the Army to Toronto in case something happened… Sigh!

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