Is what I am battling right now.  Have about 3 weeks of washed work shirts needing pressing and while there are more disagreeable household tasks,  I really balk at this one chore, mostly as its slow, tedious and repetitive.  Yes, I could have them professionally pressed, but that is $$$ and a waste.

But it must be done or else I’ll have an even bigger pile of shirt to iron later on.

Ever go somewhere with the feeling in one’s gut you’ll meet someone you know?  Had that Saturday as I travelled to Tyson’s Corner (which I loathe) to buy son a new belt. 

First a couple of housekeeping items.  One, son could buy his own belt, but there’s not much within 20 miles from where he is (school) where he could do so. Second he has a belt, which he forgot to take with him, but its so ratty and it’ll probably snap in two in the near future.

So, to Tyson’s with  Macy’s gift card in hand.  As I walk towards the Tyson’s Macy’s, weaving in and out of the considerable human traffic, I am physically stopped  on my right side and it turns out to be  a former work colleague, from Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 there with his family.  He extends his hand to shake mine, something I really did not expect.

We have a brief conversation, on his children, my son and how he has fared from the problems Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 has had and while there’s little detail, I come away with the sense there is a deep pool of hurt and resentment within him.

Oh and  to get back to son’s belt,  as Caesar reported to the Roman Senate  I, Veni, Vidi –and I don’t know what the Latin word for ‘buy’ is, or the proper declension to use, but you get the picture.  Snapped a couple of pictures of belts on the phone camera, sent them to son, who texted back which he liked, and bought. Proving the male of the species is a far more efficient hunter and gatherer than the female of the species.


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One Response to Procrastination

  1. “Proving the male of the species is a far more efficient hunter and gatherer than the female of the species.”

    Unless something comes up to distract us, that is…

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