As Another Work Week Rolls to an End

The pickin’s are getting a bit slimmer as we go through documents. But I think I may have stumbled upon one thing.  Many of the  possible ‘Uh Oh!” things date before 2009 or and those dated past that date, not so. Leaving me with the theory that with the rash of DoJ investigations within the past few years, Japanese corporations may have become a bit more prudent in what is put in writing.

Found myself, due to my fault, embroiled in a pointless debate while working.  Can’t recall how the subject came up but one of the reviewers remarked that Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States, was just as bad as Adolf Hitler.  This was such an intellectually dishonest, vacuous, and historical wrong statement that I jumped in.  Jefferson Davis may have championed the wrong cause, but a Hitler he was not.  Wonder where people get such stupid thoughts like that?

Had a lesson in how half empty and how half full some people’s cups are.  Somehow there was mention of a truck carrying a load of OJ turned over on the Capital Beltway of recent.  I don’t recall but quipped that someone ought to have gone over with a bottle of whiskey and started making screwdrivers.   A young woman, who has shown herself to be a bit tightly wound up, remarked on how dirty and disgusting such would be.

And yesterday for an instant, I thought I had had a windfall.  Dropped a pen in a in a seat cushion crack at the coffee I am now in and besides the pen, came up a 1- ruble note.  Discover  later the 10 ruble note is worth all of 30 cents.   Wonder what you can get with that in Russia?

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7 Responses to As Another Work Week Rolls to an End

  1. I had a temp job back east for a couple months, in a large room with about 10 desks. I had to buy earplugs.

  2. No shortage of clods and the grossly ignorant in this world, as your encounters illustrate. Frankly, I liked your OJ idea! Bet that woman is PC too!

  3. Davis as bad as Hitler? It’s wrong on so many levels. Seems to me that “Hitler” has become the default name to use to describe one we are to consider the villain.

    At my subway station, there are some Lyndon LaRouche offering leaflets and what not (always wondered why they do that in Canada, but that’s another debate). Nowadays they got posters with Obama with an hitlerian moustache. To think, a few years back the man on the picture was Bush’s…

    As for the girl, maybe she was more a Tequila Sunrise girl? LOL

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