Its So Quiet, Again

As of yesterday evening, son is now back at school and again there is a palatable blanket of silence that wraps around this house.  Not that he’s boisterous or noisy when he’s home from school, but nonetheless, there’s a silence.

As a “bonus” of sorts, when he got back he discovered his bicycle, stolen a few months ago, turned up with a number of other bicycles, presumably stolen as well, all crammed into some unfortunate student’s dorm room as a prank.  Never dormed myself, save when I was in Japan, so this sort of stuff is lost on me. 

My time on the current project is now measurable by days as the number of documents in each batch grows smaller and the content now is pretty much digital flotsam and jetsam.  Nothing concrete on the horizon as the next gig.

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2 Responses to Its So Quiet, Again

  1. Glad to hear your son’s bike been found, albeit in such weird circumstances…

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