And Then There Were Just 8

The English-only part of our document review is done and the reviewers sent home. The end is definitely in sight for us as well. A bit discomforting, but this was a strictly a temp gig going in. The agent who put me and the other reviewers on this project said they may have another gig lined up, but its only a 6-week project. There is another project I may be on, which may only be in NYC that is supposed to be much longer and with more $$$ and work hours, meaning if I survive it, as I think I have said before, I probably need not work for the remainder of the year. The down side is I’ve been told the law firm is about as Simon Legree as the one I worked for early last year.

Son despite being nearly 21 continues to exasperate. He informed us that contrary to what he understood, classes start a day earlier, so he has to leave a day earlier, like tomorrow. Didn’t scream at him (as his uncle Pound Salt would) but told him flat out he’s too old now to make these kinds of mistakes and continuing to do so will hurt him when he starts working. He started interrupting with the ‘Yeah I get it already’ and said, “No, you don’t, and that’s why you are interrupting’.

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2 Responses to And Then There Were Just 8

  1. Responsibility and accountability must be taught when kids are young (3 isn’t too early) or they won’t get it (like with everything, there are exceptions but they’re rare). You got the kid you two raised, not much you can or should do now but step back and let him suffer the consequences of his own irresponsibility.

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