Nothing Like a Free Cup ‘o Joe in the Morning

Usually go to a coffee house across from where I work, before the day starts for coffee, good music and to catch up on this blog.  As I fumbled for the change to pay for my order, the guy at the counter said this morning’s cup was on the house as I am a regular.  Yah!  Good things do happen in life, even if small.


Very very cold here this morning, the kind of cold that can kill.  Saw little activity at the occupy whatever site in DC and suspect many of the tents were unoccupied.  It takes a special person to live/sleep in a tent in sub-freezing temps.  During yesterday’s walk, I passed a number of seemingly homeless people asking for a handout, sparking the mental debate on whether helping is rely helping or just enabling.  One person though either out of inventiveness or sheer chutzpa, asked me for $20!

Formally turned down the offer as a contractor for DoJ.  The job could have led to something else and it was long-term employment, but the $$$ wasn’t there or negotiable. If I did not still have a house to pay for, that would be a bit different, but things are what they are.


Yesterday’s morning’s reverie was loudly interrupted by the return of the current WH occupant choppering in from Andrews AFB  to the WH.  And contrary to what one sees on TV its just not one helicopter coming in, but 2 or 3 helicopters. Once carrying the President, the others as decoys. So the noise as all come in to land is multiplied.



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4 Responses to Nothing Like a Free Cup ‘o Joe in the Morning

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Nice about the free coffee!

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    It was nasty cold yesterday – the wind was the sort that cuts straight through you. I was at the US Naval Observatory once when the VP came home – the secret service ushered us inside and told us to stay away from the windows as the noisy helicopters landed.

  3. Same thing here, cold came down suddenly on Monday and today was the first day with comfortable temperatures, albeit with freezing rain coming down instead…

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