There’s a Chiseler Out Around Every Corner

One of the reviewers, a Korean guy, asked me as I was about to leave for the evening yesterday, if I know much about automatic transmissions, given my automotive background.

Well, not that much outside that they are a complex, precision vehicle component that transfers power from the engine into the vehicle’s drive mechanism.

He asked as his wife brought their vehicle to a Sears service facility in Maryland, somewhere north of DC for an oil change, and the tech, wanted his wife to agree to   changing the automatic transmission fluid as well; a bit of extra service that would  I believe add at least $200 to the bill.

I asked how longer they have had the car and whether the car was bought new or used.  13 months and the car was purchased new, I was told.  Then there is no way in hell the A/T fluid needs changing unless the in the 13 months they’ve had it, they’ve put oh, 60K or so on the odo. The tech was trying to take advantage of the customer being a woman and assuming she did not know much. 

Turns out too the guy was asking me as a second opinion, as his wife, much like many Asian wives, think their husbands and clueless children who just happen to have to shave in the morning, and believe their opinions count for naught.

While this Sears tech was trying to take advantage of a woman, I also don’t sympathize that much with her- knowledge is the best armor and it’s a simple task to look into the vehicle’s owner’s manual for when service for this and that is recommend by the manufacturer. Or go on-line to automotive forums; call the customer service hot line.    Jesus!  Don’t be so damned passive! Have a questioning mind!

An aside to this was an article of recent in the LA Times about the government of CA trying to limit how often people change the motor oil on their vehicles, believing that every 3,000 miles is a waste of resources.  They may have a point for the 3k vs. 5k pitch for oil change is a hot debate among auto aficionados.  Personally, once every 5k is good enough for me, while Bro. Pound Salt believes firmly its 3k and to do not, risks damage long-term.

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2 Responses to There’s a Chiseler Out Around Every Corner

  1. This is surprising to me as I would not expect this kind of meekness to some dude at Sears who took a course in changing fluids and computer car repair. New car, 13 months old? The shop should be reported.

  2. Yes, the shop should be reported, but its not for me to do so.

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