More Rain, Mud & Discomfort Than “Occupying”

During my 30-minute constitutional yesterday, I passed by the “Occupy DC” site at MacPherson Square.  Not much in the way of ‘occupying anything, a couple of tents I saw were certainly not occupied.  There was a new addition, a flag for the cause de jour, a bright orange pennant with a print of that army private, not on trial for passing classified information on to Wikileaks.  And spotted a very small knot of uncomfortable-looking “occupiers” standing around in the rain and chill with a look that said “Like dude, being here is not cool”.  We’ll see what they do once the really harsh weather comes, and that should be no more than a few weeks away.

Also noticed the encampment is right across the street from an ACLU office.  Coincidence perhaps or savvy planning?

Seemed too most offices are indeed closed for ‘tween week as there were very few lights visible from the street.

Have an interview with yet another agency for yet another project, which if I survive the hours, will probably earn me enough $$$ that I needn’t work from the remainder of 2012.

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3 Responses to More Rain, Mud & Discomfort Than “Occupying”

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oooh – good luck with the interview. It would be nice to earn enough money on one project to not have to work for a year but probably prudent to save some money for rainy days and look for another less arduous project during 2012. Our office is very light on occupants this week!

  2. All occupiers need to go away. Just go away. And get jobs.

    • Part of the rason these people are still are where they are is the DC mayor, refuses to act. Pundits point to his actiist background, othrs point to a strategy of letting nature (cold weather) take its course. Given we are expecting temps in the 20’s next week…..
      The “occupiers” have filed for a permit to “occupy” the Captial (actually a small part of the National Mall) for an “occupation” in the 2nd week of January.

      And anyobne who things this is a ragtag, spontaneous outpouring of rage is sadly deluded; these people are organized and have logistical and $$$ support behind the scenes.

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