The ‘Tween Week

The day got off to a cranky start, followed by relief.

Cranky in that when I went to board the ‘wonderful’ Washington Metro at Rosslyn, a station like 3 others, DuPont circle and Woodley Park, have very long escalators to the platforms, 2 of the 4 escalators were stopped and the 2 that were running were only going in the up direction.  But then given how badly Metro is run,  it would be too much to expect that those running the station would have one of the operating escalators going up and the other going down.

Relief in that I had thought I had either lost or left my reading glasses at home, which would have posed a large problem for working today.  Checked all my pockets and as a ‘they couldn’t possibly be here but,’ check there they were.

Call this the ‘tween week as it is the week of course between holidays.  In my previous existence, I would have had this week off since the government doesn’t do much during this week anyway (yes, it does, do much constructive either for the rest of the year too.).  But with the gigs I do now, we don’t work, we are not paid, an especially harsh thing since we had yesterday off and making up for the lost time will be an uphill climb.

Son hasn’t been able to find any meaningful employment other than his minimum wage paint ball gig.  Not much money, but it does keep him out of the house and away from his Xbox.

I have an offer letter to sign.  Its a gig much like I am doing now, but I’d be a contractor for the Feds, the DOJ to be specific.  Its nice to have one after the years of not having real full-time employment, but the salary is only a few thousand dollars more than what I made in 1998 coming back from Japan and working for large International Automobile manufacturer #2- and then I thought I had sold myself off too cheaply.  The salary offered would be Ok if I was truly retired and had the house paid off- nice pocket money, but that is not my case.

See the Washington Foreskins lost yet another game and are again finishing their season with a dismal record. Can’t think of any other team more deserving, save the NY Jets- who I positively loath.

Am disappointed I could not get my prissy cousin her annual “special” Christmas gift.  She once said she didn’t want anything tacky for Christmas and since then has been given at least one black velvet portrait of Elvis, macramé, and other assorted gifts in ‘good taste’, from the family.  I would have gotten here this.

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3 Responses to The ‘Tween Week

  1. Totally dig those handerpants! Don’t have any but have famously (in certain circles) icy cold hands and feet, sometimes shocking and drawing remarks even from strangers shaking my hand! Times I truly miss kotatsu, desu ne.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Anything as seen of TV is a Must for someone like your prissy cousin1

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