Damn, I Need to Bring My Camera

Still want to take some photos of the Occupy Whatever, DC site.

Still see a number of high end tents and now some has arranged for portapotties to be put on what was a nice patch of greenery in DC.  but what struck the most as I walked by on my 30-minute constitutional was a portable generator.

To me this shows just how fraudulent these ‘occupiers’ are. If they were that opposed to the ‘system’ they’d not use electricity at all, but come up with their own sources of lighting. Further, the generator was build by a ‘system’ they so loathe, and powered by gasoline, discovered, drilled for, refined, distributed and sold, by ‘evil’ corporations.

Just more evidence to me these folks can do what they are doing because of the system they are protesting.  If that isn’t intellectual dishonesty, then what is?

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4 Responses to Damn, I Need to Bring My Camera

  1. And Smartphones, laptops, etc. Yes there sure are a lot of things that suck. But we still have to get out there every day and look for work—you do it, I do it, and millions of other people do whatever it takes to get by. Funny how that works—the more effort you put into finding work, the more you get. These hypocrites are accomplishing nothing.

  2. Stupidity and self-congratulatory arrogance and utter ignorsnce. Some of the same qualities that put the radical leftist into the oval office. For shame for shame all of it.

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