My Heros

Thank God for drugs, or rather man’s ability to conjure up medicine.

No, its not a bottle of anti-depressants or whatever, its a full bottle of Omeprazole, a medince  that is supposed to be taken daily to help those, like me, with GERD.

Trouble is for the past few days,  I did not take the daily dose and was in quite a bit of discomfort on the way home (thanks in part to several cups of strong coffee), so much so I worried at one point that I might hurl inside the Metro- which for some reason that’ll I’ll look up later actually relieves the discomfort of a GERD attack.

Made it home, took one of these guys, laid down and within an hour, all was well again.  Am not going for forget my dosage today.

On another unrelated note, I saw the Occupy Whatever people in DC are now minus a number of comrades.  In one corner, it is very plain to see that a now open space was last week ‘occupied’ with Coleman and REI tents.

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7 Responses to My Heros

  1. Occupy still on in DC? I thought that Philadelphia and Oakland had been the last holdouts. Here, in Montreal, it was closed down a week ago. As it was just outside the building I work in, the sights (and smells) have dramatically improved…

  2. Yeah they are still there, trying many things to generate attention. The latest was a supposedly ‘hundreds’ attended march down K Strret (kniwn for the lobbying firms that populate it). Funny thing is a Facebook freind posted a photo taken from her office during the even and maybe there were just 100 ‘occupiers’.

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