Where’d That New Post go To?

Weird, I had put one in yesterday morning from a very chilly Starbucks on 18th & H about learning someting new about employment/hiring laws.  That legally you can be asked to provide your DOB and SSN if the position one applies to requires a security clearance.  Otherwise asking DOB is definitely an EEOC no-no.

Also found in the mail, a check for $511 from the agency that sent me to work on a project at a law firm I have since dubbed 網走監獄 (Abashiri Prison).  The check was noted with a tax refund for the amount of $511. Odd I thought, and called payroll who checked and later told me my information had been coded incorrectly and had taxes deducted that weren’t supposed to have been. So the check is legit, I keep the money.  A bit like turning over one of those Community Chest cards in Monopoly.

As an example of how silly things can get here in DC, went out for a bit of a stroll yesterday to find Connecticut Ave. and others roads adjacent to it closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  The reason, the currrent occupant of the WH wanted out eat out at an Indian restaurant near the WH.  In terms of the general inconvience this caused traffic-wise, it was amazing.  Reminds me of royal processions of supposedly bygone days.

Work goes along, though the person sitting get to me is very annoying; takes up much more space than she needs, constantly yawns, stinks of tobacco. The person next to her, does not talking that he should, seems to have very little else to speak about but food and eats often too.  What to do is not certain especially as the projected end of this project is the second week of next month.


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7 Responses to Where’d That New Post go To?

  1. I sympathize with you with regards to cubby neighbours. Right now, I have to leave any sharp pencils at home as I’m afraid I’ll used them to pierce my eardrums.

    I have to leave every hour or so, if only to get some respite…

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Glad I dont have cubby neighbours, but do occasionally have people who just want to “reach out and touch someone” I never understand that need to talk at a person and also reach out and grab at them.

    WHoo Hoo on the extra cash! I think thats great! My christmas bonus should be coming up soon. It will be less than that though.

    • That’s for sure. Beats trying to wheedle it out of the NYC tax office. The phoot of the Amish buggy in your last post brought back a close call a few years ago on RT 30 in Ohio. It was a Sunday morning and wife unit & I were on an early start back home after leaving son at college. Had the vehcle on crusie and was going maybe 65 mph, when I spotted something odd in the left lane. That someting odd rapidly materialzed into an Amish buggy. I was so glad I was in the right lane for otherwise it would have been a very ugly day.

  3. @capra – “Right now, I have to leave any sharp pencils at home as I’m afraid I’ll used them to pierce my eardrums.” lol. and that’s the difference between you and me; I’d use ’em to pierce theirs. {kidding!} (?)

    • And just how “hypothetically” would that help me out. They would probably miss the point and end out talking/humming/speaking in tongues at an even LOUDER VOLUME!!!

      Not that I thought that far ahead… 🙂

  4. You’d think the president would get a little tired of going out all the time and have the damn food sent in. That’s so rude. It’s not like he’s going to have some normal, fun, eating-out experience like the rest of us would. He’d be in private room surrounded by guards, so why not just get the prop department at the WH to set up an Indian-restaurant-style atmosphere. Sheesh.

    The workplace you describe is why I can no longer work in offices. I had a temporary job a few years ago which I was struggling to learn, in a big room where people had RADIOS playing on their desks! I had to wear earplugs. So much talking about stupid stuff, so little work being done. And I can’t stand being coughed or sneezed on. Eww. Glad you have work though.

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