The Travel Bug

Learned the daughter of my cousin’s daughter which makes her to me….whatever, some sort of a relation.  is now in Japan, where not even her mother knows for certain, for a year to teach English.

English is/was this kid’s major, and from what I’ve heard, she’s inherited the writing talent in the family.  Given my less than rosy view of how the English language is “taught” in Japan and the Eikaiwa industry that has grown around it, I hope this kid does not become disillusioned quickly and if she does, that she rises above that.

Funny, but she’s now the 3rd person in the family to spend time in Japan; but we are not, with the exception of me, a family of Japan fans.  I suppose in my day, I too had the travel bug, but when I think about it more over the years, I see it was  also an unconcisous need to get the hell out of the house- a decision, when I look at my youngest brother, I am forever grateful I made.

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3 Responses to The Travel Bug

  1. Any idea where in Nihon that some-sorta-cousin-type is going?

  2. I have a friend who is teaching in Seoul and a cursory Google search for Eikaiwa seems eeirly similar…

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