Well, There is An Honest Person out There

Came back  to the car after work last night to find a handwritten note stuck firmly to the car windshield.  Read it and see that the person who had parked in the space next to me (and not very straight) had somehow damaged my car in backing out, had called their insurance company and then left a number for me to call.

Looked at the damage in better light in the garage at home and well yes,  there is some noticeable scuffing on the left rear fender, bit cosmetic damage and not all that noticeable.

So, do I follow up on this and get this repaired and probably do something to this person’s insurance rates, or just let it slide?

Also got a call from a recruiter who is looking for Japanese-speaking people for a DOJ job.  Sounds interesting, but if the subject matter is one I have worked on already,  I’m conflicted out and that is that.

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One Response to Well, There is An Honest Person out There

  1. Man, sad to say but driver deserves a medal in this day and age!!! Here’s what I’d prob’ly do. If you’re inclined to get the cosmetic repair, first, I’d get two or three estimates. Then if the driver left his contact name/number, I’d call with first a GIANT thank you and an invitation to pay out of pocket (which s/he can accept or refuse) or some similar arrange in order to avoid insurance hikes.

    Someone thoughtful enough to leave a note deserves a break and an act of kindness in return. 🙂

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