Post Thanksgiving


Ok, this could be more original. Seemed a very off Thanksgiving all around. Son decided to say at school as he’ll be back mid-December anyway. Wife had to work yesterday.  I was given an invite to an early dinner at the Fort Meyer Officer’s Club, and felt very uncomfortable going by myself.  That wasn’t a problem as I overslept waking up 20 minutes before the appointed time and knew there as no way I’d get from home to Ft Meyer in 20 minutes.


A cousin, who held large family Thanksgiving dinners, too was pretty much on her own.  All the aunts & uncles have passed on and the children have gone there ways…..  Sad but….


Still like many others, there are many things to be thankful for. I have a son who is on his way to becoming man, a roof (expensive, but still it’s my roof) over my head. Partial employment. Decent health, though I haven’t had a check-up in ages.  That I am not facing adversity others I know face…….


The job plods on.  This law form like others I have seen has some very nice perks/facilities.  Unfortunately at this one, we contractors cannot make full use of them.  However one reviewer/attorney told me there is a method to all this “madness”. That besides an enticement for prospective new lawyers,  these nice facilities are also meant he was told many years ago, to keep lawyers in the office more than at home so they can bill, bill, and bill.  All that glitters is indeed not gold.




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4 Responses to Post Thanksgiving

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. We have also had a bit of a strange one here. While the family was all together, I am finding we were all not ready for this holiday, not one bit. The being thankful part was easy, but all the cooking, and child entertaining…

  2. Wife unit wanted yesterday, to buy one of the drastically marked down turkeys at Wegmans. Saw one, an unfrozen, organic turkey with a pre-Thanksgiving price tag of $109, marked down post-Thanksgiving to $19!

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