In to the Harness

Gradually into the rhythm of work and while most  of the others can pound out a 9 or 10 hour day, I find 8.5 is about what I can do mentally.

A “game” I’ve seen played in other reviews has reared its head in this one and that is “How many documents  are you doing in a day?”  I suppose this stems from collective  insecurity about being sen as too fast or too slow. whatever.  I work at my own pace and if that’s a problem, well….

Saw a posting for some other, shorter review that will pay $100 and hour!  Jesus!  For that kind of $$$$…. But that also got me  thinking about the cost, very conservative costs to a former employer for which legal document reviews are being carried out  in a number of cities in the U.S.  A very, very conservative estimate, and not a total one either as it only includes the cost of document reviewers, is nearly 2 million a month may be being shelled out.

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5 Responses to In to the Harness

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I dont think the “how many are you doing” game is very fair!!!!

    I have to admit, 100.00 per hour seems too good to be true, I wonder what sort of stipulations are in place on those projects! When we got the 55-80 dollars an hour travel nurse jobs, there was always some sort of unpleasant surprise written into the contract.

    • You are right about bbeing wary of the high per hour rate. I don’t know the details, but the law firm offering it could be much like the one firm I contracted out to and the experience as much what I imgaine working on a prison chain gang to be!

  2. Talk about comparing apples and oranges. Although I’m rarely saddled with the least number of assignments among my colleagues, I rarely complain about the fact (well away from my blog, that is LOL) as I’m fully aware that sheer number is not the best criteria.

    At least, I don’t end up with 75+% of the work as a few years back…

  3. At my former crappy warehouse job, it was *all about numbers* … hourly production quotas that, if not met and regardless of the quality of the person and/or his/her work, meant the ax. Corporate Mind-Think Sucks, methinks.

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