Feeling None Too Happy

Since finishing my last review project, I’ve been patiently waiting word on another project, one that will run much  longer too to join.

Last week,  I was sent by e-mail, a Japanese proficiency test, one much longer and more difficult than other Japanese proficiency tests I’ve taken.  So I figure I am on track to start working the following week.  Wrong.

In an e-mail yesterday from the project manager, I learned,  I am not to be among those slated to join the project.  What makes this more stinging is I have turned down other work on the expectation I’d be on this project.  So now I am scrambling to find work.

It may just be that in discovery work, former employees of the entity subject to pre-trail discovery, are not allowed on review projects, as this project does involve my former employer.

Anyway, as I heard often in Japanこの世は、そのな甘いもんじゃないよ!

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3 Responses to Feeling None Too Happy

  1. This economic duress reminds not to put all–or any–eggs into a basket. They’re easily broken.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Hope something turns up soon. that can be very frustrating.

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