Got the land I own now formally posted with signage and will see how these signs fare.  If anything else, they’ll be much harder to take down.

Afterwards wife unit & I went to a cousin’s house, not the one who told me she’d rather see another 9/11 here than U.S. troops abroad taming the fight to the terrorists, as wife unit had some stuff she wanted to give.

To be hospitable this cousin offered me a glass of some icky sweet wine (she thinks 2-buck Chuck is a good wine), but what caught my eye is she pulled from the freezer a wine glass and then pour the wine (a white) into it.

Perhaps I need to learn more about wine than I know, but pouring wine into a frozen glass is the last thing you’d do to a wine, regardless of what its pedigree is or isn’t.

Or am I wrong?

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2 Responses to Sacrilegious?

  1. An iced glass might only help rotgut. After all, what’s to ruin? (P.S. Based on your brief report, I do not want to meet your cousin!)

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