I’m Not Comfortable with the Idea

The next academic year for son will be his junior year and I have told him a number of times he needs to start planning for a study abroad program with one of the schools his university is timed to in Japan; Ritsumei-kan( no slouch there) and another also in Kansai, which I went to waaay back when.

He’s been non-committal about it all until during a phone call yesterday during which he said the above.

What, I asked was there to be uncomfortable about?  Japan is were you were born and spent the first six years of your life, I told him.  Also said to him that,  he’ll never get this chance again, and second if he doesn’t go and get ‘plugged in’ again, he’s probably going to lose his Japanese language abilities which will make him less attractive employment-wise in the future.

Can’t believe he’s become so Americanized that the thought living in Japan seems daunting (though given his personal modesty levels,  I can’t see him walking buck naked into a public bath now).  And its not as if he wouldn’t have support there either. while his mother’s side of the family is pretty dysfunctional, there are other people on whom he could rely on.

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4 Responses to I’m Not Comfortable with the Idea

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Does he want to go somewhere else abroad? Or just stay home? I did think that a big part of college is doing stuff that you aren’t comfortable with….hmmmm. Good Luck, it sounds like a frustrating moment as a Dad!

  2. Man, this is one of those times where you wanna tell the kid: “You’re going. End of story.”

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