Is There Nothing Sacred?

There is much Japanese foodstuffs in the house now, brought back by wife unit, and to wife unit’s surprise and shock, among it all, there is a package of snacks, a traditional Japanese snack food she now discoverers is produced in China, and thus she has absolutely no interesting in opening and consuming.  She has some real problems with problems with any food coming from.

Another interesting story was she said as she was eating a meal at some restaurant   in Narita Airport, the manager or a manager was loudly berating an employee for whatever transgression, while the other customers dined on.  To wife unit, this spoiled her dining experience. And in turn, she let the manager know in no uncertain terms.

Told wife unit that prior to coming here to live, she would probably have dined in suffering silence as well.

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6 Responses to Is There Nothing Sacred?

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I usually try to find a few Australian souvenir-type things to bring back for people who are covering for me at work or looking after our house. It is getting harder and harder to find something “Australian” that is actually made in Australia – sad! I refuse to give someone a boomerang that has “made in China” on it.

    • So there are actually ‘Made in China” boomerangs? My wish-list Australian souvenir is a bottle Penfold’s Bin someting or other. A bottle here commands $$$$$$$$$ but I’ll bet a good bottle could be had for much less there. 🙂

  2. Told wife unit that prior to coming here to live, she would probably have dined in suffering silence as well. — that is probably true!

  3. Finding “local” items is indeed quite a quest. It brings back a story over about our Glorious PM (proudly talking about being pro-Canadian) making sure that that his party MPs had flags to give out for Canada Day.

    When told said flags were made in China, he kinda shrugged and said something about this is business. Sigh!

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