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First off, on an emotional level, I don’t doubt for an instant the difficulties this single mother faces: I have two cousins – actually one now as one recently passed- who were single mothers themselves and life for them was an uphill climb.

But this also bothers me.  Stepping back, unless I am denser than imagined, how on earth is this the fault of “Wall Street” or those who work in various capacities there?  Why does she feel she is ‘owed something? 

 This woman may be (yes, she could be a widow) where she is, as were my cousins from bad choices; i.e., both of my cousins met and married bums who fathered their children. So again how is “Wall Street” responsible for poor life choices? why is she ‘owed’ something?

And lest someone ask if I haven’t made one or more poor life choices, I’d without hesitation say ‘yes’.  I took courses/had a major in college that added nothing to me becoming gainfully employed.  My biggest poor life choice was rejoining Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 as I am still not fully employed (but leaving it was also probably the smartest thing I have done for many reasons. One of which was that it has shown me there is life beyond corporate).   But these were my choices, I do not point fingers at anyone for the results; I do not blame “Wall Street” or anyone else.  I adapted and moved on. I do not believe anyone owes me a thing.

And to veer away from this point a bit, I am struck a bit by the lack of historical perspective in the “occupation” of Wall Street.   I may be reading more books on early now-defunct Soviet Union history than is good for me, but reading reports on the Wall Street “occupiers”, the script sounds so very familiar.   And with the WH calling for taxing the “rich” I wonder if there isn’t someone in the current administration who in another time, would  be just as home bashing and calling for the elimination of Kulaks.

Think I need more coffee.

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  1. Kulaks? Wouldn’t the analogy better be served by using Nobles instead? I have to admit that, the feel from what happens in New York is much different from what we saw earlier in the year in Spain for example where much of the blame was geared towards the government.

    Then again Wall Street is such a symbol of what is wrong with the US economy that it’s easy to see why they picked this place.

    My main fear is we are seeing yet another “extremist” (in the political landscape sense of the term) faction emerging, something which will add to the confusion of the coming election.

    Still… could be worse, you could have someone in charge who’s bringing back the country to the glory days of the colonies (the Queen, and social mores) and a provincial prime minister that is a one-man “Three Wise Monkeys” on the corruption issue.

    • I very much disagree that Wall Street is the “problem” Those who point fingers at “Wall Street” remind me of a neighbor, who was quite brainwashed by the union he belonged to, and constantly carped about the evils of “management” and ‘Big Business”, failing to realize that if one holds a life insurance policy, owns stock, has a 401k, or has a bank account, they are a part of “Big Business” and thus well-being depends on how well “Big Business” fares.

      The problem is about 300 miles south of where they are protesting. The more government gets out of the way, the better off we all will be.

      The protesters final to realize they can protest because of the life style “Wall Street” provides the impetus for. These folks would also find much common ground with the Luddites.

  2. And then there’s the utter hypocrisy of corporate moguls and huge political contributors like Russell Simmons showing up to support them—wouldn’t he be the enemy? I just read the occupiers’ manifesto on another blog—it’s all “they” this and “they” that, but it’s never explained just who “they” are and what exactly “they” did. Life is hard. Most of us are busy dealing with it every single day.

    • That reminds of someting I read somewhere, long ago, about the Bloshevik’s. That there were those ‘movers and shakers’ who supposrted them in their quest for power and that once the Blosheviks got power, they were among the first shot.

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