Did you Ever Stop and Wonder a Bit?

In one of the blogs I very regularly follow, was a recent post about a public nudity ‘celebration’, (warning: the link will definitely take you to NSFW territory) in where else but San Francisco.

I’ve included the link and its content not for titillation/revulsion, but to illustrate my own observation that people who participate in these events seem to be a.) Mostly men, and b.) Men whose physique and errrr, ‘endowment’ are not anything to flaunt in public.

Nudity does not shock me. Public nudity strikes me as being fairly silly. Besides modesty, clothing provides protection from the effects  of  prolonged sun exposure, insects, dirt and the dangers of putting the more tender body parts in contact with uncomfortable surfaces; say sitting down on a surface that is either very hot or cold.

And then there this. Flaunting nudity  for shock value., like a small child seeking attention A leftover perhaps from the ‘60s and ‘70s.  Whatever, given that it happened in San Francisco….

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