Poachers, Trespassers and Scorched Earth

As I suspected, my idea of creating scorched earth and thus denying the poacher a place to poach, is all not that simple.

The issue is more financial than any other (though there is a bureau – weenie element to it as well).  The  forest should have been thinned say 15 years ago, a forestry expert told me, but that window has closed and the advice is wait another 10 or so more years for the forest to mature.

Selective cutting/thinning is an option, but the $$ returns are questionable and such cutting could damage trees which could be worth more later, I was told.  There is also an option for 2012, to have the forest area sprayed to kill off “trash” growth and thus speed up maturation of what timber is of value.

So,….. In the meantime I have gotten more “Posted” signs and glued them on to 7/8 ‘’ thick board and will screw these on to  trees  at a height a bit higher- out of reach and more difficult to tear down.

And popping down to check things out is on the table too, though its unclear to me now about who’d I call should I spot a person or a vehicle on the property, which should not be there; the state police, the county sheriff or the natural resources police.

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2 Responses to Poachers, Trespassers and Scorched Earth

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I know your frustration, though I’ll also tell you, my parents havehad little to no success in actually having anyone apprehend any one hunting on their resided on property. THey are always gone by the time the local police arrive.

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