Not All Cellphones Are Created Equal

First off, I see WordPress has slightly revised the pull down menu to this blog and I assume others.  Not sure I see much of a difference and that perhaps this was a change just for change’s sake?

Last night while walking off a piece of Smith Island cake, the cellphone rang.  Pulled it out of the holster, looked at the number; was one I did not recognize, but figured whatever.

It turned out to be someone, not a native speaker of English either, telling me  I could borrow up to $1,500 and was I interested.  Told the caller to fuck off and cut the call.

To keep this crap from happening again, looked through the cellphone settings but could not find a block call function, a function I had on the AT & T cellphone I used.  Called up support at Verizon and was told that at least for the Samsung model I now use, there is no function on the phone, but if I go to the website and log into my account, I can use a web function to block up to 5 calls.  Nice, but not very convenient and not all that helpful since with the AT&T cellphone, I could block all the numbers I wanted with a function in the cellphone.

Sooo, guess I need to pay better attention to where an incoming call is coming from.  I’d also say that if someone thinks there is money to be made from cold-calling to ask about interest in a loan such as what I listened to, things must really be bad now.

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4 Responses to Not All Cellphones Are Created Equal

  1. There are differences and I don’t like them. Dunno what motivated WP; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    I noted changes too as I clumsily tried to navigate. I think they are following Facebook’s big change this week which has a lot of people, myself included, in a tailspin.

    Yum on the smith Island Cake. I need a piece of that!!!

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