Trespassers/Poachers: The Nuclear Option

Pondered a bit about what to do next.  Putting up more signs, more robust signs placed higher and thus harder to take down is one option.  But the thought occurred to me that if there are no trees/forest, then there will be no game worth hunting and thus no real need to worry about trespass/poaching. 

So contacted 2 local (there) timber companies to see about selling off the timber on the 35 or so acres which of course will clear the land and me getting a bit of cash out of it. Not a simple process I am sure but one that may just solve the problem.

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2 Responses to Trespassers/Poachers: The Nuclear Option

  1. Scorched Earth policy? Too bad you have to come to this, I would suggest that, when the deed is done, you have a sign put up to indicate this was brought upon by said poachers.

    • I agree, on an emotional level, this peice of property and the woodlands is of high value. I can put more signs up, but obviously, some local knows the property is owned by an absentee landowner. I could park a small trailer there and stay during hunting season, but….

      When I discovered al of the signs had been torn down, inthe words of the late uncle who willied me the land, ‘that made me hot.’

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