Sounds a bit quaint, but it’s a label that still fits for someone using land owned by another person, without their permission…as I found out yesterday.

Traveled to pay what I thought were my delinquent taxes, which turned out I wasn’t (could have sent them a check!) and then went to check out the land I own and the ‘Posted” signs wife unit and I had put up about 4 months earlier.  Saw all the signs had been taken down and scattered.  

 The culprit is most likely local; someone who knows the land is owned by someone who cannot keep a regular eye on it.  Still poaching is poaching and while I have no problems with someone using the wooded portion to hunt on, they need to have written permission- from me.

 What I could do is take  the nuclear option- contact a timber company to sell off all the timber, level the land and thus remove any habitat for game and render it useless for hunting.

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2 Responses to Poachers

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Ugh! My parents have the same issue on their occupied land. Grrrr. My Dad wears a orange hat all during hunting season.

    • Hmmm you’ve given me an idea. If I have the time, I could dress up in day glo orange and yellow, walk the woods making as much noise as I could possiblely make chasing out any game and making life for anyone trying to hunt there miserable.

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