Car Humor

Being a car guy, but not quite a gearhead, and having spent my working life in the automotive industry.  Car humor resonates with me.

This gem though is more general and will I am sure, bring a chuckle.

To wit:

What to Prius owners need to do yearly?

Pass the smug test.


There is actually a kernel of truth behind this. I’ve observed on the road, Prius/Pious drivers, particularly those driving the more recent version of the vehicle, driving as if they’ve been given a  Mandate from Heaven to drive as arrogantly as the word arrogantly can encompass.

(Note, here as in other jurisdictions, a Prius driver (or the driver of any other hybrid) can use HOV lanes even if they are the sole occupant.)

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4 Responses to Car Humor

  1. lol, good one. And yes, it’s fittiing.

  2. Well, I suppose their ego is big enough to count as a separate entity. 🙂

  3. mizunogirl says:

    I am a prius owner, but I’m not very smug. I also drive like a very careful 80 yr old Grandma which annoys everyone who drives with me. But I have not had an accident for quite a while now, so…I am good with being Grandma.
    I do love my prius, but I understand it really is not for everyone. Still, I have to say, it hold a lot more than I could have ever imagined, and is super reliable!

    And now that I know I can drive in those HOV lanes…if I ever drive home again, I will make full use of that. Getting through Tysons Corners was always a huge challenge right before a holiday, and the HOV lanes would really help. Not sure though if I could feel ok with just me in the vehicle.

    And since my Prius is about 3 years old, i guess some of the smugness has worn off me. maybe.

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