Missed The Train?

As I’ve said a couple of posts ago, this project is winding down, in fact there’s a more or less definite end date 9/12.

All this leaves me with what to do next.  I’ve not been idle and have 3 possibilities to choose from but I’d really like to get in on a project that started a few weeks ago, is expected to last six months and I interviewed for.  I could have simply  left this one and gone on to the new one, but out of perhaps now a questionable sense of professionalism, I declined.  now that I have a date certain I followed up but told there is no idea now on bringing on additional bodies.

So I have a delicate balancing act.  Wait and hope, or go with something else.

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4 Responses to Missed The Train?

  1. My unsolicited suggestion: Don’t put all your tamago in one basket. 🙂

  2. Here’s hoping that all the pieces fall into place for you… Instead of falling all over you 🙂

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