And So It Goes, and So It Goes

This morning, I am giving my time to an update instead of the ever-increasing crescendo of the project.  Irene has passed us at least and while its still dark, it doesn’t seem there’s been much damage here or inconvenience here outside of power going off and on during the night.

The project now takes more and more of my time as we are now allowed to do OT, up to 20 a week, which adds a hefty amount to the weekly paycheck and at the same time straps me to the computer for long periods of time and feel very drained afterwards.  Yesterday, also had eyestrain one eye  I could not shake until a couple of Tylenol took effect.

But the project is also winding down.  We’ve been told as much that in 2 weeks, It’ll be over, which is sad (besides losing a paycheck) in that this job has been a dream with no commuting and working when I decide to work.   But even without the formal announcement, its evident from what we now review we are approaching the end of the string- most of the documents we see couldn’t be more non-relevant if they tried to be.

Son is no longer here-he moved in last weekend and boy are we glad move-in was last weekend.  This move-in is the last I can see me doing.  Not that I would begrudge my son, I was totally exhausted afterwards and with the work I have even though I was able to put in a few hours  over the weekend,

the overall loss did put me into a large hole hour-wise that had to be made up-  as Monday was pretty much a wash as most of it was spent traveling back home.

Move-in itself was a repeat of last year’s with some differences.  We wound up having the same sort of rental vehicle to haul ‘the stuff’ up And son wanted to move in a day early, one to get in ahead of his roomie and this lay claim to space and layout, and two, to avoid the rush and confusion the following day when most move in.  No assistance as we had last year.

He’s in a newer dorm, but on the 3rd floor and no elevators to help haul stuff up, think that tired me the most.  Learned to our unpleasant surprise son had also decided  to store among the stuff he left near school, unused food- in a storage unit with no climate control.  Given the heat over this summer, some of the foodstuffs, when pulled was not pretty. Wife unit was not happy either.

There was a lot of mother and son sniping over the dorm and what to do with his stuff.  Told wife unit to lay off for son and roomie will work something out and they did.

And all was well as we got ready to depart and son anxious to get on with his second year of school.

Now will you please go and let me get on with college

So it quiet now, real quiet; no need to bellow upstairs and tell son it high time he got his butt out of bed and get on with the day.  Perhaps it a bit too quiet.

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7 Responses to And So It Goes, and So It Goes

  1. Point by point:
    Irene/wx: Mainstream media exaggeration once again. Old tricks. Yawn.
    Hefty paycheck: Yippee! Must feel great to work AND make money. (Three years poor and unemployed so I wouldn’t know. 🙂 )
    Working one’s own hours: Score!
    Elevator-less move-in: It’s a workout good for body and soul and possible reminder of need for regular exercise/activity?
    Food in storage: That’s just stupid.

    • Irene is more than inconvenience for my neighbors around the coner; at this point -late afternoon- they still do not have pwer to their homes. The culprit is probbaly a large tree that fell on a now closed off road.

      Working my own hours is nice, but that will soon end with this project. working out of the law firm in question is the norm.
      And yes son didn’t think-has now put this one down to experience; that’s how we all learn.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Overtime is nice, if you can do it without making yourself miserable! I’m glad you are seeing some nice big paychecks.
    I am glad that Irene left you essentially unscathed. That is unfortunate that they dont provide a little bit of help, OR access to an elevator…wow. 3 flights of stairs would leave me arguing and cranky as well.
    I hope you son has an excellent year at school!

    • Yes we were fortunate with Irene. Funny, but the neighbors along the street next to us wentwithout power for about 36 hours. Go figure. Thniok to that why the whiole experince was getting over-hyped, over-playing is better than underplaying a hurricane (or typhoon) as predicting exactly what either can do/willgo is still an inexact science. So as one who has sat through some typoons/hurricanes, any information is good.

      Thank for the wishes for son uint. I hope he has a decent year too.

  3. Happy to see that Irene didn’t bestow her gifts to you. Aside from power going on and off in the afternoon, I too was unscathed.

    Hope your next gig is as convenient for you as the current seems to be.

    • Unfortunately this gig is the exception, not the rule. Usually work is done at a law firm, in a small, cramped uncomfortable space with no diversions.

      From this experience, I see that as somewhat counterproductive. For example, I do an 8 hour ‘day’ then take a few hours off to either nap or take care of other tasks, but in either case, am mentally refreshed enough so I can do 3 or 4 more hours of productive work. More than I could say if I was stuck at a law firm with no diversions and told to do an 11 or 12 hour day.

  4. I hear you about the inherent advantages of telecommuting. Although, I don’t think it would suit me, but I know for a fact that this should be an option whenever possible.

    There is some talk about implementing it at the department where I work for but it’s block by our pointy-haired bosses on account that people would “abuse” it. Much better having people sitting all day playing Angry Birds here, I suppose…

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