A Parent’s Best Revenge is/are Their Grandchildren

More thoughts on this,  in the past few years I’ve come to understand.  Yesterday was an example.

The battery on son’s new cell phone died again and for the second time we needed to head to the Verizon store to see what can be done with about it (from son’s on-line research, he tells me the battery on the type of phone he has is problematic). 

We also needed to have him pick up his contact lens, so I let him drive.  And how glorious that was, for its been decades, really, decades since I have spent any time as a passenger in a vehicle.  The feeling was glorious -save for the radio.

Son had it tuned to a station that plays mostly his music and while the sound level was not that loud, I had the same sensation as I have had when going into a Pack Sun or Banana Republic store, with the music set to blast at least me into sensory oblivion.

Now as I rode, had a flash back to when I was son’s age and had my car, mine in every sense of the word, had my music on and my later father was in the passenger’s seat.  He didn’t like what I was playing and wanted me to shut it off.  Got very incensed at that; after all it was my car. Upshot, had a loud argument and I don’t believe my late father rode with me that much after that.

While the car son drove yesterday is not his car at all, remembered that and the resentment it caused me then grit my teeth and tried my best to ignore the noise.

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3 Responses to A Parent’s Best Revenge is/are Their Grandchildren

  1. Circle of life, my friend! Circle of Life…

  2. What Capra (aka les) said

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