I’m Still Here

Just have been preoccupied with the project, still plugging away, and the heat from last week has been a distraction too. Given how constantly the AC has had to run to keep up with the heat, I will probably have to mortgage my soul to Dominion Power to pay for the coming power bill.

Have an interview for another project today. It involves large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 so there is the matter of am I conflicted out. Was told at first only Japanese-speaking attorneys were wanted  at $60 an hour. Like a.) There are going to be that many Japanese speaking attorneys out there and, b.) An attorney isn’t going to get out of bed, let alone work for $60, unless its one fresh out of law school with boffo bills to pay.

Son continues work sporadically work. Otherwise he’s pretty much an inert lump around the house. If he comes home next year, he won’t be doing this here. Finanical aid is done and am relieved the bill is much less than I had thought. Still I feel sorry for son and other like him who instead of going out into the world after graduation with a blank slate, are already burdened with bills.

Been cooped up for the better part of 7 straight days here, with the project and some translation I decided to take on. Did take a short drive out and spotted this. Its s road sign but by sheer accident the sign also is a kanji.

Total Fluke


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5 Responses to I’m Still Here

  1. hahah, shita! Did it make you wanna pull over and see what’s buried beneath the sign? lol

  2. No, but I sure did a double-take

  3. mizunogirl says:

    I dont know any Kanji, but I can imagine that must have been something to see a kanji sign along a MD/VA road! Kind of neat!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about student loans post grad. I had them, I think most people do. In some ways they are good because they have a fairly low interest rate, and over ten years as I paid them off, I managed to build a stellar credit rating, mostly by paying that one bill on time.

    I lived at my parents home once, when I was 32, for 2 months, inbetween overseas projects. It drove me nuts, and I tried desperately to weed the garden, etc to make up for the fact that I was there. I tried to cook for them, but apparently my parents really do not like the way I season my food!!! Of course, you son is a lot younger.

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    Air conditioning really runs the power bill up doesn’t it. We are still paying off the manservant’s student loan – my university education was free (the good old days of free education in Australia). My kids have student loans which are called HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) – which sounds like “hex” when said and a hex is probably what they consider them to be!

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