From a Very Old Book, Something to Ponder

Have started reading a book  a late aunt of mine collected, but had never read til now, on early history of the State Of Maryland (which is now vying for the title of CA of the East coast  for political and social  looniness) .

On one page was this.

“Puritans sought asylum in Maryland, coming from Virgina becasue  they were no longer tolerated there; and yet, as soon as they were there, they began a protest which became more and more violent against the Church of the proprietary, as well as against the Church of England, which in Virgina had repressed them.”

” Such was the experience the world over.  He who cries out most lustily when he is down, will be deaf to cries when he gets on top. “

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5 Responses to From a Very Old Book, Something to Ponder

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I never knew that MD was vying for Looniness!!!! My cousin lives there. I am fascinated by the Baltimore culture, the wild Cake shops we see on television, and of course Zeke’s coffee (which is fabulous). And of course the horse country. I never quite understand though what some of those “bedroom” towns must be like….as people rush off to work so many miles away from home…

    • It is, believe me. The latest flap is a ploy by the Gov, who has caught I am told, an early case of Potomac Fever, to provide college tuition assistance for aliens who are not legally supposed to be here. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but with we facing debt (private student loans) to keep son in college, that does not sit well at all. The measure, passed by the legislature has not sat well and is now up for referendum in the next election

      It is the state I was born and raised in, but I would never call it home now. Maryland is essentially a one-party (Democrat) state.

  2. Fire that governor!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wish, but as I said, Maryland is pretty much a one-party state, so unles he’s caught running an opium den or brothel out of the governor’s manison, he’s pretty much got the job for as long as he wants it.

  3. In the words of my wise father, people get the government they deserve …

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