Another Week To Mark Off

Done with another week of J-E review and feel as usual, wrung out and looking forward to 2 days with minimal use of the PC. Had thought about going to a nearby theater to see a matinee showing of the Harry Potter movie, but as its opening day today, think I’ll avoid the crowds.  Also find myself not really wanting to go out after I am done.  By the time I am done for the day, the evening rush hour begins to ramp up making going anywhere very unappealing.

Did see a new term, at least for me, フロシキ残業, or ‘furoshiki Overtime’.  A furoshiki, for those who are unfamiliar is a dyed, printed  square piece of cloth used to wrap up and carry things in Japan and give is size, roughly 2 ft by 2 ft,  it can be used to wrap up things of many shapes and sizes. 


In this case, the term, is used to describe the practice if white-collar workers taking work from the office home, working on it without pay.  Odd you say?  As odd as it sounds,  white collar workers unlike those here, have been/are paid for overtime work, so this practice  of taking work home is frowned upon.  come to think of it, when I was at large International Automobile Manufacturer #1,  there was the term サービス残業, or ‘service overtime’ meaning putting in hours in the office, but not claiming them on the time sheet.

Am floored by what the bill will be for son’s second year in college.  Our share of the tuition is higher than last year and unlike last year, we do not have the $$$ to pay the bill ourselves.   So  a student loan is in the works.  rate is 5. something  % and looking at what will be paid in total just for his 2nd year tuition is staggering. Its a shame that he and others like him won’t have a clean slate when they graduate but in 6 months have tuition payments due.  How on earth can they save for a house too?

Was given another example of why a parent’s best revenge is their grandchildren.  Had this exchange with son as a line of very strong thunderstorms approached.


Me:  “looks like a bad storm is coming”

Son:  ” You mean we are going to get a shit storm?”

M: “no, we are going to get a bad storm”

S:  ” So we are getting a shit storm?”

M: (irritated)  No, a bad storm.”

S: “What wrong with  the way I say it?”

M: “my way sounds more educated.”

S: “My way sounds more entertaining.”

M: “…………………….”

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3 Responses to Another Week To Mark Off

  1. ladywise says:

    lmao! Kids have their own idea of language these days. Sounding educated doesn’t fit into their social well being. My grand daughter talks like she texts about half the time. I find myself spending more time correcting her speech than I do actually carrying on a conversation. Lord help us!

  2. Education vs Entertainment? In this war, everybody lose… except for the people on the sidelines

    Interesting phrase this “furoshiki Overtime” but I hope my bosses don’t find out about this. 🙂

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