Fourth of July Weekend

Time to catch up.  After 8 hours on the PC doing the document review each day, I have little taste for much else PC-related and generally stay off-line until the next morning.  The job is ok as ok can be.  Nothing exciting or glamorous as I have heard about content reviewers on other projects is looking at.  Looked at my last pay check stub and see NY taxes are still being withheld, which needs to be straightened out and was told it was to be, but…..

Don’t plan much this weekend as son is working, wife unit is working and the roads are/will be a horror show.  Looked on one of the web cams for traffic headed towards the Maryland beaches and gawdalmightly!  On Monday, will probably work as wife unit and son will be working.

Last weekend, with the weather a bit cooler and drier, hiked the C & O again from Brunswick this time all the way to Harper’s Ferry and back.  A 12-mile hike round trip and the next day, and the day after that, my hip joints felt it. But it was good to get the lazy out.

For most of the hike, there’s not much to see as the trees block views of the river, though spotted this along the way.

Artsy fartsy

Also saw many folks like these:


Somewhere at Harper’s Ferry or perhaps a bit above, one can rent these tubes and float leisurely downstream to somewhere and get out of the Potomac River.  Had I known that, think I would have rented one and floated downstream back to Brunswick instead of hiking back.

There were also these folks at Harper’s Ferry, working off excess energy.

Celebrated another B’day.  Nothing special, me and son grilled some burgers and shared some Yuengling Black and Tan (hey, he’s nine months and counting from being ‘legal’ so…). Not very fancy, but I’ll take it. No cake either; if I had the correct number of candles on a cake, I’d need the fire marshal’s permission to light them.

Son passed a milestone or sorts this week.  The folks at his worksite made a plan to watch a midnight showing to the latest Transformer movie.  Don’t know why as the first 2 didn’t exactly etch themselves into the annals of movie history… Anyway he got home he said at 4 am, after taking a friend back home and driving very slowly as he said he saw innumerable deer out at that hour.


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9 Responses to Fourth of July Weekend

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I have to admit, I had a fairly non-descript Bday this year as well..

    Love the turtle picture, so pretty!!

    • Thanks. On the way back a bunch of young ducks were on a log, nearly at the same place. Thought that might have been photo-worthly but all I had in mind ws to get back to the car and rest. 🙂

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Happy Birthday for the other day – it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good. If your son was in Australia he’d have been a legal drinker for a while now…… We rented a car and went to Harper’s Ferry in November – it was so pretty as they were doing Olde Christmastime around the town and there was some snow. And standing at a point where the rivers meet is wonderful. We thought then that we’d go back when it was warmer and do some of the Appalachian Trail. Those turtles are cool!

  3. Harper’s Ferry was pretty busy that day. Had thought about hiking again today, trying to find a place to park the car around Harper’s Ferry and then hike a bit more northward, but that I could not see anyplace on the map to park a car and that the evening weather has turned nasty, I’m glad I scrubbed that idea.

  4. Belated birthday wishes! Here’s hoping that the coming year is a reflection of your celebration. Nice, simple, but close to those you hold dear…

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the turtles pic!

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