Interruptions I Don’t Need

We on this review have  a rough, unofficial quota of documents we need to get through in a day, which now that at least I am acclimated to the task, is not a problem.  But still interruptions are interruptions and the more spent dealing with such, the less work gets done.

Son and wife unit are one thing, but strangers knocking on the door are another.  About an hour ago, I hear a tap tap tap on the front door.  Son take a look from the kitchen and tells me he thinks there’s a Mormon outside.

Go to the door, the gut has on a white shirt, black tie and has 2  pens in his breast pocket, but no Mormon as he doesn’t sport a name tag.

Open the door and ask what he wants and am told he wants to sell magazines (see no order forms) and I should help him become independent.  He also does not identify himself or who he represents.

The back and forth goes on for a minute or so until I finally have to tell him he’s being politely told to go for the last time.  Only then does this person given up and leave the property an reluctantly at that.

Have no qualms about helping those in need of help,  and door to door sales is never an easy thing, but this person was more persistent than he should have been, which raised red flags with me, and no one likes to be thought of as an easy mark either.

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4 Responses to Interruptions I Don’t Need

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Being thought of as an “easy mark” is really irritating. Recently one w/end we were out walking when a teenager asked: “hey, can I use one of yous’es cell phones?” – the manservant doesn’t own one and I don’t take my old thing on walks so I said “we don’t have one” . It was interesting to note that he did not ask any young person around us – the most likely people to have a cell phone. Obviously he thought he’d take ours and run off with it – being “middle aged” we’re unlikely to chase him to get it back. I was really annoyed to think we’d been “marked” as easy pickings. On the other hand he’d have been very disappointed with my old phone – resale value zilch!

    • Gotta shake your head about those sorts of things. The “Can I borrow your cellphone?’, brought up a funny, at least I think so, story. I had just arrievd back in Dulles from a business trip, waiting for wife unit to pick me up. A young Indiain woman approached and asked if I could lend her my cellphone as her’s had died.
      Sure, I said and just when she handed the cellphone back, then wife unit appears and wants to know what is going on. Wasn’t happy about it. Perhaps that the young lady wore a tank top exposing her middrift had something to do with that? 😉

  2. Better safe than sorry and always better suspicious than trusting, especially when strangers appear at the door. Good job.

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