Packing Up

Wouldn’t you know my last night here I finally get some decent, fairly uninterrupted sleep?

Left work a bit earlier that I usually do, I was just so tired of going through a string of monthly business reports that were so lengthy,  but the time I reached the end, I had to scroll up to remember what was at the beginning.  I can say that with the Japanese supervisors I have worked for in Japan at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1, had I blathered on like that in a report and submitted it, I would have had it thrown back in my face and my head bitten off.  Guess there are corporate cultures and corporate cultures.

So I decided to wander/explore a it more as there no telling when I’ll be back. Headed meanderingly north from 52nd, eventually winding up by dumb luck at The Dakota. Very formidable place with formidable security.  Also a very different crowd up there. Also wound up by dumb luck at the Central Park sheep Meadow, filled with sunbathers, adorable children and couples who really needed to find a room(perhaps they eventually did that).   Tried not to act or look to touristy.  No photos, though there was much to take, as the camera batteries died.

Thought about celebrating my return as a Frenchy restaurant at 57th and 6th, just sit outside and watch the world pass by, but unlike Japan, I am a  bit self-conscious about eating alone here. So,all the way back down to Penn, the train and 2 bottles of Saranac beer.Thought the case would have some of their dark beers, but what I have pulled out so far have been lighter pilsners. Ok, but really not my fare.

Glad I came back for this gig as the gig itself is much more pleasanter and with the better weather, NYC has shown more of itself that I found likeable.  Ok, my experience has been limited to a narrow corridor of Mid and Uptown Manhattan  And my experience/outlook might be very different had I traveled elsewhere.

Still,  see it as a place where people seem to have a bit more fun than in DC.

Anyway, time to pack up and check out.

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5 Responses to Packing Up

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Hooray for an enjoyable experience. I really enjoy NYC and always act the tourist when I am there, I mean, I am a tourist. I feel like I always stick out…simply because my dress is never as fashionable as the real new yorkers!

    • I don’t know about comparing fashion with what I have seen some NY’ers wearing. I’m actully tempted to say the opposite as some the the ‘fashion’ I’ve seen can only be worn in NYC.

  2. It’s good to hear some good news. As far as culture, a friend of mine who worked for a couple of years in Japan likened the difference to fine dining vs fast food. As long as we produce just enough to look busy over here, it’s okay…

    …which is kind of sad in a way.

  3. You’re self-conscious about dining alone here? Really!? Why?

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