All for PSA Blood work

‘You have an interesting life’, said a former boss of mine when I
returned from that ill-fated, fog-bound business trip to British
Columbia that kept me there for 2 days past by return date.

The trip back went well for awhile last night.  As I got a few
miles out of Allentown, PA  however, the station I was listening to “99.9,
The Hawk
” was interrupted by the emergency broadcast system to
warn of severe weather ahead.  Great, I thought, but I’ve driven
through some bad stuff.

That was not to be.  The sky grew progressively darker until it
turned nearly black, and the car started to dance about the road with
me trying to keep it in a straight line. Time then to exercise one
of  the my Rules of Travel; when the weather gets that nasty,
find a mall parking lot, a Mc D’s or whatever, but get the hell off
the road and wait it out.  Which I did at a truck stop at exit 10,
quickly filling up with  many ‘good buddies’  and their rigs, who
had the same thing in mind.

Might as well eat anyway, go in  work my way past many men with
large bellies, lots of facial hair, some ponytails and some
earrings.and bam!, no more lights. By this time the wind has bent
the trees nearby nearly double, I go to the mens rooms, lit only by
flashlights and see a bunch of women huddled there, thinking the
worse and had sought shelter.  Whatever, I had to do what I had to
do, ladies present or not.

Go back out into the still-dark truck stop, hear a couple of stories
of a truck blown over on I-81 and its blocked….. What next?

Sit it out for an hour, the lights come back on,  have a sandwich
served by young ladies who belly overhang rivaled that of the men’s,
and no, they weren’t pregnant.  Call son and ask him to Google
traffic conditions and the weather.  Told I-81 is now clear and the
storm, cell is now over Allentown; so all is clear.

Head back east, reach Harrisburg and miss somehow, the road that
would take me to Rt 15 and then 270 and home,  and at this point I
figure its not worth trying to back track, so head further south on
I-83, which takes me to Baltimore of course, and then onwards,
arriving home at exactly midnight; and I left Secaucus at 17:30.

All this for a freakin’ visit to the Dr. to draw blood.  But given
that my father dithered and acted when it was too late, I’m not
messin’ with my PSA’s  At least when I am done, I can work from home

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3 Responses to All for PSA Blood work

  1. I heard about a big storm on the East Coast, esp. Vermont. Did you get the peripheral of it then>

  2. I guess we did and right now, the sky looks about as uncompromising as a policeman’s billy club. Summer has arrived here in the Mid-Atlantic.

  3. Well, I guess I won’t complain about the fact that today was the first sunny half-day in over a week.

    So far, Montreal has been lucky, although less than hour south of here, the whole area is flooded since 2 months past…

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