Interesting Way to Start Summer Break

In less than 24 hours from arriving home, son was out at the paintball field, working.  He says he’s the senior referee now, which I hope translates into a bit more $$ for him.

After he came home, I asked as I always do, about his work day and its always been pretty routine.  Not yesterday, it seems. 

Can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 people, but he said he had had trouble with some of the players, men in their 20’s he said, disobeying the rules and ignoring his instructions/warnings. The first time this has happened. He was about to escort them off the field when somehow, he or another employee realized none of these troublemakers had paid for admission (once paid and checked in all are given a paper wristband to be worn.

That prompted flight, or attempted flight by these deadbeats, being chased by a group of other referees (son stayed with his group); even the ATV’s were used, said son.  In the end, they were cornered, brought back to the office and told they pay up and never show their faces there again or the police would be called. Interestingly enough an off-duty policeman from a neighboring county was playing when this all happened.  The miscreants elected to cough up the $$ rather than deal with the police; supposedly they’d had previous brushes with the law (I think this would have fallen under larceny) and another brush would have had some consequences for them.

And son got a decent tip from a private group, so he was happy.

Later on today, I travel back up to NYC for that job.  In the meantime, learn of a gig here, only for a month, but pays waaay $$$$$ more.  Contacted the persons in charge, but …  Also last week while roaming about, I saw the ‘famous’ naked cowboy doing his gig in Times Square.  No pic and frankly he’s only slightly better than me in carrying a tune, and that’s saying something as when I sing, all cats within a 50 yard radius die very horrible deaths.

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3 Responses to Interesting Way to Start Summer Break

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Wow! I;ve never seen the “naked” cowboy. Bummer.

    Amazing the thugs that got in for free could have played all day if they had just followed the rules!!!! Glad Son is alright. Sounds like he is making some cash, so that is good, and nice that he isn’t home sitting around….

    • N o , he’s not just sitting at home, but he is driving wife unit nuts by staying up un tl the wee, wee hours, online with whoever. He has an interview with UPS for aa job loading trucks. If he gets that, think he’ll have itttle inclination for staying up late. 🙂

  2. If I ever embark on a path to become a master criminal, I will probably skipped the “sneak into a paintball place to play for free” step…

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