NYC and On The Road


What a day.
First the driver of the shuttle to the train station, who I shall call Otto, after Otto in The Simpsons, got so engrossed in whatever, he missed the turnoff to the station and wasted about 20 minutes getting turned around. Then the train in gets stuck in mid-tunnel as the train ahead had broken down.  Still got to the law firm in time, as I always, much to wife unit and son’s annoyance, insist on leaving much earlier than they think is necessary to take into account stuff like that.
Had 3 hours of training and thought we’d then go to work. Nope, we were done for the day @ 13:00.  Oooookay, I sure didn’t want to go back to this cattle shed, so spent time on my walking sightseeing tour of Grand Central, the Chrysler Building a bit of Central Park and thought I’d go into the Museum of Art, but there were long lines (I don’t do lines) and $20 admission is a bit steep (or I am spoiled by what we have in DC).
Work days are only 8 hours but here is he possibility I can telecommute later.  I hope so for otherwise the math doesn’t add up.


Am in my room at the college hotel in Ohio,  room 222 (they’ve got my number, haven’t they?) sipping on a Bailey’s (no ingredients for my first choice, a Mohito) checking  e-mail after an all day slog from one end of Penn. to the other (can honestly say I did it) and through most of Ohio again.  I-80 is certainly the road very less travelled.  Nice drive actually. 

Thought I’d drive up to son’s dorm to get a leg up on packing; even after putting stuff in storage, he’s got quite a lot, and assumed it’d be quiet and leisurely. Wroooooong!  Many parents are helping their kids pack up now, real bedlam actually. And unlike move-in no help either.  Had dinner with son and it stuck me how much more grown up he seems to be from when we dropped him off in September.  But besides an education, that was/is part of the plan.  Hope he doesn’t catch on 🙂

Now its a wait for him to finish his final exam and then finish cleaning out his room and th long trek home and then on Sunday, me driving back up to NYC.

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6 Responses to NYC and On The Road

  1. Yeah, $20 does seem steep but for what it’s worth, you’re getting far more quality and value for your buck than you do riding up the tall hunk of metal called Seattle’s Space Needle for $18 … the most overrated and overpriced tourist ripoff on the West Coast, IMHO.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    I know what you mean about being spoiled by the DC museums. It’s one of the most nicest things!

    I am not sure I’d bust out 20 bucks on a whim!

    Glad to hear Son seems to be growing up now! Hope he can find himself a job he will enjoy this summer….

    and a definite hope for the telecommuting! I think I would love a job where I could do that, though in my field, I suppose it wont happen easily!

  3. @ Alleycat/Mizunogirl
    While I still think the entrance fee is step, I could say that at least spuerficaly, one might be getting more out of it as the New York Museum of Art seems bigger than the National Gallery.

  4. Public transit woes notwhitstanding (my week has been hectic in that category too), it’s nice to see some good things happening.

    I’m a bit disappointed to hear you weren’t able to get you mojito fix, that’s why I ALWAYS carry fresh mint leaves with me… Seriously, it’s one of my favourite drinks too outside the tequila sphere.

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