Am I Glad Google Does Not Entirely Run My Life

The title comes from something I heard from another J-E reviewer a while back, who said he depends on Google applications for pretty much everything in his life.

From this article from the WSJ, I am sooo glad I still can take upon myself to handle some things in my life.   The article also has this link to a site which collects autocorrect bloopers.  Its a riot.

Sure, I use Google for searches and have a gmail account but am very happy to see I have the wisdom not to delegate parts of my life to an imperfect software program.

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6 Responses to Am I Glad Google Does Not Entirely Run My Life

  1. On those rare occasions of using Word and autocorrect, I’ve minimized the feature and relied on my knowledge and sources such a dictionary partly for the reasons displayed at the link! In 99% of the cases, I’ve rightfully overridden Word’s “suggestions,” amusing though they be.

    • I notice the autocorrect function here on WordPress also puts in some weird suggestions in its autocorrect mode and more annoyingly does not allow for on the spot corrections after the spellcheck; you’ve either got to delete the entire word, or ‘ignore’ the suggestion and then correct.

  2. Me thinks that there’s a secret cabal of programmers who with a few lines of code, had brought in upon themselves to bring some mirth.

    I’m glad I have *some* mastery of the English language so I can catch some of the ot-so-helpful suggestions…

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